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2016 Programme

1/ Throughout the circuit

Giant projections and candle lit streets

2/ La Lézardière

La Lézardière projections

3/ Cour de Clarisses


4/ The Hospice porch

LIGHT PAINTING Gildas Malassinet

5/ Médiathèque

Festival gallery/shop

6/ rue de la Barbacane

Video installation "AQUA-IREELLES" A shimmering, hypnotic image; immerse yourself in a dream world.

7 The Barbacane esplanade

An interactive collective event designed by the festival's organisers

8 / Convent basement

"Comme une fleur.." [Like a flower] , a video projected "concert" of images by Bernard Tauran

10/ St Barthélémy church

Concert for flute and organ "Le Chant du Souffle" by Le duo éolien Lighting transformation of the chuch by Bernard Tauran

11/ place des Cornières (main square)

Make up artist La Fée Grimagine Fête music by Demi Kashkaval Restaurant, cafés and stalls selling food/drink from approx 1800

9/ Place du Château

Contemporary ballet

Contemporary ballet
"ZZZ insectes" by the Myriam Naisy company / l'Hélice

3 performances: 2200-2225; 2300-2325; 2400-2425